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  • Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part V

Custom clip request 

Hi Lesley, 

Here is the custom with Elly, 


Karate man is down on the floor hurt badly, she walks in hands over waist put toes front of his eyes (very close to the eye). She now checks his pulse on the neck toes way close to his eyes and wait few seconds. He says I’m hurt just finish me with karate. She now put one hand under his chin and the other top of his head twist and breaks his neck right front of her toes. His eye wide open looking at her toes.


Use pic 3 to 7 for this scene plus karate demo after that

Please make this scene like previous custom with Lora, pics attached, at the end they go face to face both their hand chopped like a knife and she pushes into her stomach finish him. After she finishes she does karate demo in front of him please show the demo with both of them at scene not just her. He watches her demo with hands on his stomach in big pain.


Use pic 8 to 13 for this scene plus karate chop pic 16,17

Please repeat this scene from Lesley last custom, he comes with knife she tells him he got two options surrender or face karate then lots of bows then she grabs him by the neck on the uniform walks him around the room in a circle he keeps watching her reinforce toes please put toes side way like ballet pic13 and more like that. Now at the end she throws him on the floor and they go to karate pose just like pic16 all their hand up to ceiling. They focus hard he attacks with right hand she blocks him and karate chops him just like pic.17 couple of times please tap it on his neck couple of times (hit fast and let go like tapping on his neck). She now put hand up again just like pic16 pose and freeze watch him fall on the floor. She is still in pic16 pose turns around looks at his body he is looking at her attire eyes open.


Hi rise building stairways throw (throws him from stairway down not from roof)

She chase him going up from stairway like pic.18,19 but please start from lower stairs or make it repeat I want to see more circles going up like longer chase. She chases him for a while on the stairway he turns around and throws object at her she bend miss. He keeps going up on the stairs she chase him more. He turns back and throws more object she bends way down and miss again. He now goes almost to the end of stares like pic 18,19 and turns around goes to karate pose and wait for her, she gets closer, he is very angry throws pounding kicks at her face to throw her out but she bends and miss his kicks. He now approaches her and attacks her with his hand, she locks his hand twist it puts it behind his back then pushed his locked hand up breaks it, while pushing his hand up breaking it he has no choice but to jump from edge of stairway to save his hand from breaking, at this time cut the scene and on the resume scene show him falling down from stairways free fall. She has her knees bent and both hands way way up says “haaaaa” like karate sound haaaa looking down at him. Or if you want you don’t have to show he is falling (no special effect necessary), on the resume scene just show him on the stairway below looking at her, that’s good enough she has both hands way up looking at his broken body till the scene is over. Please show his hand broken and still behind his back.

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Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part V

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