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  • Lora avenges her teacher

Custom clip request 

Hello Lesley 

Here is script for the new custom clip I would like to inquire about.  It’s very similar to the last one.  I also attached a storyboard of one of the scenes to suggest some camera angles. I hope you like it. Obviously you can modify it as you please.  


Beautiful outdoor setting.  Also please have similar lighting conditions as last time, with strong sunlight.

Lora is a martial artist looking for revenge against the evil master who has decimated her school.  He is also pursuing her to finish off the last student.  She has been hiding, training for this day.

The attitude is similar: Lora is bent on revenge in a cold, serious manner, showing disgust to her opponent.  The evil master is overconfident in the beginning, turning coward towards the end as the fight turns against him, begging her to spare his life.

Same costumes: A white karate gi for Lora.  No make-up, no nail polish, natural look.  Baggy pants only for the Evil Master.  I would very much like the same actor to reprise the role.

The action

Please feature mostly kicks and varied ones, mixed with chops, serpent strikes, palm strikes.  Please do your best to mix it up and have it look organic, one move leading into the next.

The fight starts roughly even, Evil master can get in a blow or two to show he is skilled, she gets him with a few vicious strikes damaging him gradually. Towards 2/3 of the clip she clearly has the upper hand, laying into him with combinations of kicks and hand strikes to the face, throat, torso and groin.  Please try to include longer combos where she hits him with different types of kicks and strikes, alternating targets and driving him back as she skips forward.

The cinematography

Like last time, please be very mindful of camera angles, editing, and framing of each shot.  Minimal hand held camera motion.  Try to find the best framing possible to highlight each part of the action.  Use lots of close ups (reaction shots and impacts from kicks and strikes.)  In particular show off Lora’s feet and soles when convenient for the action, with restraint. Please us multiple angles/replays/slow motions to highlight key moments of the action, also with restraint.

The script:

Lora is kneeling in the garden, meditating.  The Evil Master shows up, they exchange some words about Lora not hiding anymore, and ending their feud today.  They bow and begin their mortal duel.  You can fill up the details of the fight like last time, having Lora gradually take control of the fight with mortal kicks, chops and hand strikes along with the occasional throw or hold.  Here are again some of the highlights I would like to see.

·        Lora performs a tomonage (stomach throw) on the villain.

·        This is the storyboarded scene. Towards the middle of the fight, the villain manages to bring down Lora with a blow.  He stands over her as she lays on her back on the ground, preparing to finisher her off with a huge punch, gloating evilly “too easy”.  Before he can bring it down, she raises her knee to her stomach and sends her foot upwards into his groin.  Still standing above her, he bends in half holding his groin.  From her position on the ground, Lora sends her legs upwards, trapping his neck between her ankles and choking him.  After a little while she twists her hips flipping him to the ground, still maintaining the hold with her feet. He continues smothering and gasping on the ground, his limbs flailing about. After a long struggle, he manages to twist her ankle and get her to release the hold.  He gasps for air on the ground next to her.  She sits up and looks at him with disgust.  From a sitting position, she sends her leg up, delivering a crushing axe kick to his stomach with her heel, then another axe kick to his face. 

·        Towards the middle villain tries to smother Lora.  After a brief moment she counters by with a double cross karate chop to the sides of his neck, making him release the hold.  She follows through by clasping her palms on his ears and temples a few times.  After the last strike she keeps her palms to the side of his head for a little while, applying crushing pressure to his skull and temples, controlling his head and smashing his face a few times with her knee. Releasing her hold on his head, she takes a step back before snapping a front kick to his face, sending him to the ground.

·        The finish: Lora unleashes a flurry of blows on villain.  Cross chops to the sides of the neck, serpent strike to the throat, side, front and back thrust kicks to chest, throat and head.  Go all out with a long string of strikes hitting him.  Use plenty of different camera angles and close ups to show the furious assault. Once he is down on his knees barely conscious, Lora stands behind him and unties her belt.  Stepping behind him, she wraps the belt around his throat and starts choking him while he is on his knees.  She puts her foot against his back for more support.  He tries to pry the belt from his throat but grows gradually weaker, grasping for air.  He begs for mercy.  His arms drop to his sides and begin to spasm.  The hold can last a minute and a half or more. Please show the hold from many different angles, with close ups of this, her foot pushing against his back, expressions, etc.  Finally she gives a sharp pull on the belt, breaking the neck and disabling him.  He falls and rolls on the ground, spasming. With one last look of disgust, Lora ends his life with an axe kick to the chest.  She tweaks him a little with her foot, making sure he is eliminated, before stepping on his chest walking away.

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Lora avenges her teacher

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