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  • Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part IV

Custom clip request 

Hi Lesley,

This custom is for Casey, same pantyhose leotard as last custom. Story is little different and this time two guys are involved as follows:


There is an individual karate match, participants are Casey and two other men, separate fight between the three. The two men bow each other first then she bows to both men legs way spread apart, one man bows to her left foot (toes) and the other man to her other foot, she is looking at each foot left and right during the bow.  Karate fight starts between the two men first, she goes sits on the chair leg crossed watching and waiting to get the winner.

The two man start the fight with pounding hi kicks and chops, she move her toes up and down watching them, they continue the fight, she stretches one leg way up while on the chair and feel the pantyhose from toes to hip. Now one of the man fights the other one with hi kicks and then karate chops his neck very hard on the floor right next to her toes and paralyzes him. He is awake but paralyzed and can’t move and looking at her toes desperately then he grabs her toes to get some relief from the pain. She looks down at him shakes her head gets up from the chair to fight the winner. But before that she puts her toes right in front of defeated man’s eyes and checks his pulse on the neck while the other man watching her, she says “ he is paralyzed”. She now fight the winner in front of the paralyzed man. Her and the winner bow each other while one of her foot is in front of the defeated man (the winner and the defeated man both looking at it, she continues the bow left and right). Fight starts with hi kicks and chops, she hits him in the face, and ankle few times making it weak then kicks his hip breaks it, he falls and she karate chops his neck on the floor paralyze him just like he did to the other man, she says haaaaa broken neck. Now both men on the floor distance from each other their eyes wide open awake but paralyzed looking at her (her hands over waist). she now lies down on the floor and does a “V” shape stretched apart legs ballet move, one leg stretched to one man eye and the other legs in front of the other man’s eyes, they both looking at it….she says karate ballet, paralyzed men.


She walks in the room karate man laying against the wall or coach (or on the chair) his eyes open. She goes check his pulse and asks him where is the karate man? who karate you, he says right behind you, she turns around and sees the karate criminal man has a knife pointing at her she goes to karate pose they circle around each other with lots of focus, and the defeated man watching the entire fight. She throws hi kicks to his right and then left side on his face he looks at her feet left and right gets confused she repeat again, he loses focus and attacks her with knife she locks his hand bend his fingers releases the knife drops it. She then twists his hand more and does exactly pic pic10,11,12,13,14 on him. She know bows him way down while the other man looking at her. She now does some heavy karate demo in front of both men very hi kicks both watching it and then leave the scene with her toes side way walking like a ballet.


She comes to the room and sees her male partner karate chopping the man’s neck on the floor. She comes closer hands over waist, the male partner tells her I just got him he was the most dangerous karate man. She has hands over waist mean look goes closer, toes in front of his eyes with her partner looking at it too. She now put her toes on his lips pushing down the lips looking at his teeth and says “yes he is the criminal man and has the broken tooth” I was looking for him for years”. She now puts hand on the waist legs spread apart toes side ways front of his eyes (his eyes way open) looking at her toes with her partner also all looking at her toes for 10 seconds quietly. She now bows to her partner left and right then tells him good job with karate chop…….they now both turn their back to paralyzed man and leave the scene, he is looking at their back, her toes again side way left and right like ballet as she’s walking out. Before they leave the door she goes to ballet pose stretches her hand way down to her partner and asks him to go first, the paralyzed man looking at her very angry says “I will punish you” she turns back puts her hand over waist, looks at him for few seconds, he screams loud with anger says I will get you both, as she stare at him.


She walks in with her male partner, looking for the last mastermind karate man that has been on the run for long time to avoid prison. They search everywhere but can’t find him. As they search, he starts to crawl on the floor looking different places and sees her pantyhose toes many times during the search and looks up every time see her looking at him shaking her head mean he is not here. On the next toe visit She steps back and stretches her toes way in front of his eyes holds it few seconds, tells him with mean look “keep looking or I may break your bones too, there is no loyalty and trust here” he crawls and look more but gives up sit on the floor, she does some heavy karate demo on him kicks front of his eyes karate chop demo and extra to get ready for the mastermind. She hears a sound and knows karate man is coming. She puts hands over waist toes side way her partner stands up too and wait until karate man arrives. He comes in with knife pointing at them, she lay down on the floor sweeps his legs, he fall hard on his back on the floor she stretches that same leg way up to the ceiling. Her partner comes for help sits on the man and try to strangle him but the karate man put his hand on his chin pushes his face back. She now gets up and sees her partner in trouble, she comes forward and put her toes inside his noise and over his mouth taking all the breath out of him just like pic15 with her partner looking at her toes too. The mastermind karate man slowly releases his hand from her partner chin while he is getting out. She removes the toes from him and puts hands over waist, they both look at him, her partner stares at her toes and amazed how she did it until the scene is over.

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Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part IV

  • Brand: CASEY
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