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  • Casey avenges her teacher

Custom clip request 

Hello Lesley

I really like your work.  I thought your recent clip with Casey really good with staging and choreographing the fight.

I would like to enquire about a custom featuring Casey in a similar setting/situation.  I would want the clip as detailed as possible, with many different camera angles, sharp editing and very precise choreography, with each move sharply defined, and beautiful framing of the shots. 

Casey is a martial art pupil about to confront a rival who has decimated her school, leaving her wanting vengeance.  They intend to settle their conflicts by a martial art duel. 

She is dressed in white gi, barefoot with no nail polish, natural look, no make-up, she looks very pure.  Serious and focused, not flirtatious.   

The evil master is dressed in gi pants only.  He is cruel and merciless, very confident at the beginning, but cowardly when losing.  His reactions to the hits should be realistic, not goofy, as the fight goes against him and he sustains injuries.

I think an outdoor setting like a garden or nature would fit this fight well, but indoor with the blue mats is also ok.

The moves used should be 65% kicks, 35% hand strikes (chops, palms strikes and serpent strikes), with holds to mix it up and avoid it being repetitive.  Targets should be mostly the torso, throat and face.  The most important thing is to have fluidity.  Use combos of different kicks in succession, and vary the camera angles to have it look dynamic.  Make it look like a stylized fight, not a repetitive beatdown.  Have the evil master put up a fight, mostly towards the beginning.  He is skilled and a challenge.  Some moves, kicks or combos should be emphasized with different angles, slow-motion and close ups showing the impact, with some focus on Casey' feet and soles, but keeping it subtle: those should be reserved for devastating kicks, to highlight and punctuate the fight to avoid it being too repetitive.  The script goes something like this:

Casey is sitting on the ground, meditating before the fight.  She looks pure and innocent.  The evil master shows up, they exchange some brief words about revenge and “ending it all”, she looks focused, he is overconfident.  They bow respectfully and begin their duel.  I’ll leave the details of the fight to your care and creativity.  The master is skilled and there are some exchange of blows: he is not just a punching bag.  But Casey clearly has the upper hand in the fight.  Here are some highlights I would like to see integrated in the fight.

-          As he grows more desperate he attempts to rush her only to run into a side kick or back kick, hitting him deep in the stomach making him fold in half around her leg.  A single wide shot showing the whole action could be good, before cutting to a closer view of the impact as he stands gasping for breath, impaled on her leg.

-          Also towards the end, he attempts to pressing her neck with his big hands.  She counters with her own pressing on his neck, crossing her hands across his throat in a “X”.  Her pushing is more effective, and after a while he releases her throat to grasp at arms.  He falls to his knees in front of her, but she keeps the holds tight.  Finally his hands drop to his sides and he begins to spasm.  She releases her hold, looks down at him with contempt as he gasps for air,  and raises her knee slowly before kicking him in the face with a front kick as he is kneeling sending him sprawling to the ground. Please include a close up of the impact, showing the sole of the foot.

-          The finish: exhausted and hurt after a series of quick kicks and strikes, the master is on his knees.  Casey brings him down with a spectacular axe kick to the back of the neck.  If possible show the impact, her heel crashing down on the back of his neck.  She stands above him, looking down at him with hatred and disgust.  She raises a foot slowly, savoring the moment, and stomps on his throat.  She presses her foot to him untill he is out.  He croaks and tries to plead for mercy.  She replies something like “the same mercy you showed my master ?” and crushes his throat with a final, decisive push.  He spasms a little then shuts down.  She checks for a pulse, making sure he is eliminated, and leaves the scene, stepping on his body in disgust on her way out (low camera shot showing her foot stepping on his body and walking away, his body in the foreground).


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Casey avenges her teacher

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