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  • Karate girls in ballet form cope with Little men

Here is the custom: Geda, Melanie vs little guy (three separate fights)

Story line: small man and his twin brothers are karate blade experts going to take revenge from karate female squad in ballet attire. One man plays the role of all. All mean angry face as usual

Attire: All women in the turtleneck leotard/pantyhose pic.1 below. Very cold look (mean and enchanted, long stare at the man like pic.1,) Please pull the leotard sleeves down closer to fingers if possible.

Karate man, you choose the attire. Very angry face wants revenge.

Scene-1 Geda v.s little man (the blade expert)

Small guy is a blade expert trying to get revenge from karate women who finished his brother. He walks in very angry (same location as last custom), looks to the right (or left) and sees Geda in pantyhose/leotard hands over waist mean and cold, enchanted look, they stare at each other (long stare like Ivy custom pic.3 and other views too) for 10 sec or so. He says “I am a blade expert came to take my brother revenge from you”, she says “I have to stop you by karate power and eliminate you just like him”.

He starts playing with the blade, like an expert waving it in different direction, she now goes to karate pose, they circle around each other very slowly and close, he also watches for her feet, ready for kicks coming and fully focused. He attacks her with a blade few times but each time she goes side way or push her stomach in miss it. She also kicks him in the face several times makes him dizzy, but he keeps on going even more angry (kicks will be like sidekicks, coming from side of her body straight to his face).

Every now and then, she also bends her knees and lowers herself to his level in full karate pose so she can see him better face to face and direct eye contact. He waves the blade at her again, she misses again, she starts karate chopping his neck (softly but with style) then steps back, he attacks then another chop to his neck and keeps on going.

They focus again, now she finishes him with hard blow, hits him in the noise or under chin very hard, hand like a claw just like pic.4, she can use same pic.4 pose (lowers herself like that). The hit is so hard makes him dizzy and completely out of control but he still manages to hold the blade, he tries to get himself together and without any thinking attacks her to finish her, she blocks his hand, the blade gets thrown away, she then hits him with another hard blow, hand chopped inside his stomach so hard (show it like massive hit, say haaaaa) her chopped hand going inside his stomach, she keep pushing it more and more, looks like hand going more and more inside him, he holds her leotard hand to let go but the hit is very intense, he can’t take her hand out and screaming loud, she looks at him in the eye then takes her hand out of him full power say haaaa. He now holds his stomach in pain, she goes to karate pose, hands way stretched in front, they stare at each other. She says “blade expert is karate chopped like a blade” he keeps looking at her and falls on the floor but eyes wide open. She goes stand in front of him toes front of his eyes.

Scene.2 Melanie vs. little man (blade expert twin brother)

blade expert twin brother walks to the scene, he sees Melanie, she is posing like pic.1 above, love that mean face hands over waist like that. This time the blade can be seen on the floor between her feet or a little bit in front of her, he says “that’s my brother blade”, She says “that’s right, my partner in ballet attire just finished your brother, it was a hand-to-hand combat). He now comes very close to her, and they bow each other way down looking her toes and the blade, long bow staring at toes (different views too like last Ivy custom)

After the bow they stare at each other again, he now picks up the blade on the floor and steps back, she slowly goes to karate pose, he is super angry plays with the blade. Just like scene.1, they circle around each other very slowly with lots of focus, she stares at him the whole time careful of blade attack. He attacks like scene.1 she pushes her stomach in or goes sideway missing it then karate chop to the neck like scene .1. Everything will be like scene.1 (she also lowers herself to his level) except this time she finishs him differently like this: On his final blade attack, she locks and breaks his hand like pic6,7,8, please show the hand break so intense which finishes him almost instantly, say haaaa, they stare at each other (long stare, he is still standing), she puts hands over waist mean look, she then goes to full karate pose, start doing karate demo in front of him then one slow sidekick, foot right front of his eyes, she then lowers herself to his level looks at him in the face in karate pose to see how he is doing, he can’t hold on and falls on the floor. She freezes in that lower position pose till the scene is over (show the lower pose from other angles too).

If enough time left, show the hand break from different angle too.

Scene.3 Melanie vs. small man (last brother)

He walks into the area angry no blade this time, She is sitting on the chair with her legs stretched all way on the desk so he can see her toes. He says “what happened to my brothers? Before I finish you”, She says “both your brothers were finished by karate squad women in ballet clothes, one was karate chopped in stomach by hand like a blade and other one broken hand by me, and you will be next”

She now stretches one leg way up to the ceiling touch the hose from toes up very hard feels the hose, then freezes her hand on the pantyhose says “karate is the only solution here for you” then long stares at him

She gets up from the chair put her hands over the waist long stare each other like pic.3 above. They now go to full karate pose, one of her hands stretched way in front of her during the pose and full focus. He attacks her, she bends miss his kicks and chops, she goes to the side and hits him in knee hard makes him weak, fight continues she keeps hitting him in the face and knee repeatedly, he attacks too but getting weaker and weaker after every hit. She now lowers herself to his level and hits him just like scene.1 pic.4 (same as Geda hit to the noise or chin), he falls on the floor.

She now locks his hand just like pic.10, then slides into him just like pic.11 and finally full neck lock pic12, please in pic.12 show his face looking at her pantyhose hip (control top section-dark section) or even his mouth touching that section (really like to see that if possible). She bends his finger backwards just like pic.12 puts him in pain and finally snap it, he screams loud looking at her pantyhose hip, his mouth touching it and finally goes cold. Now zoom out the camera while in that same position, also show from the height too till the scene is over.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Karate girls in ballet form cope with Little men

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