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  • The real belly punching

Custom clip request. 

There are no sound effects in this clip, the real sounds of impact of on stomach only

Hello, I'd like to see you beating down a burglar in a room,using your martial art skill, but hitting him mostly in the stomach.

Clothes: at your choice (should be something short and very sexy, high heels and bare hands)Lenght: 15 min

Important notes:- As stomach hits, you should use mostly knees and uppercut punches.- Your blows should hit the stomach of your victim harder and stronger as possible.- Slam often your enemy against the wall and/or in a corner to punish his stomach with very long combos.- When you hit, keep some punches and some knees pressed deep into the stomach of your victim.- KO your victim a few times always by stomach uppercut or by stomach knee and soon lift him up.- Replay some scenes in slow motion and zooming on the stomach of your victim shooting from different angles.- Shoot 2/3 scenes in POW, camera start from shooting your face and body while you hit and then the cameramanshoot his stomach from above to keep the impact of your blows.- Enjoy and smile for inflicting pain to your enemy and when he is bended over gasping for air or in pain, hit him in the stomach one more time.

Final scene: You slam your victim against the wall with a series of kicks to the stomach; then apply a very very long comboand as last hits, first a knee: clinch the man by the neck and hit with the tip of your knee pressing it deep into hisstomach for about 10 seconds and let him falls slow on his knees dragging his face through your body.Soon grab him under his armpits to lift him up again, and then second hit: grab him by the shoulder and hitwith an uppercut punch to the center of his stomach and keep it pressed deep for 10 seconds; then remove the fistand slam the man down with his face near your feet.(Replay these 2 hits also in slow motion, zooming on stomach, from different angles and in POW).Then enlarge the shoot to keep your full body in a combat pose.

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The real belly punching

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