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Lesley is recorded in a new gym. A muscular man is the armwrestling champion from 4 years and he have already won 12 challenges for his title. Every 3 months the gym organises an armwrestling championship and who wins, challenge the champion.Lesley partecipated at the championship for the first time and naturally she won, so, now she is the challenger of the champion.

The video start here, when the man enter to know the new challenger. He cant believe at his eyes, the new challenger is a woman!!! The man ask where is the challenger but she says that she is the challenger. The man thinks its impossible that a woman can be stronger than him. So Lesley tells him that is at least the 10th time she hears this phrase but in every case she had showed she was completely stronger than any man, also bigger and stronger than him. The man doesnt understand if its a joke or not so decides to challenge her. She imagines that she is in front of the typical man who cant accepte her superiority so she invites the man to start. The challenge starts and the man is determinated and he want win very fast. But Lesley controls easily the man. He pushes more and more (with maximum effort) but after a while she break down his arm. She advises him it should better for him to resign. Every man in the past ended humiliated vs her, someone crying and someone pleading her to train him. He is furious, He want an immediate rematch but this time she put down him enough fast.

He says the challenge is 3/5 so they restart, this time Lesley have the countdown: 3, 2 and before she completes the countdown he starts, hoping to surprise her but Lesley controls him and laughs and humiliates him. The man now is totally confuse, after a while, he challenges her with the left arm. She laughs because she knows he hasnt any chance but she accepte and easily wins.

Its Lesley now that offers a new challenge (or a new humiliation), she offers him a new kind of challenge: she use two fingers (the second and the third) against his hand (arm). He acceptes, he want absolutely win against her and propose that who wins this challenge is the champion!! She acceptes. The challenge start. Lesley give him the illusion and she leaves her arm go back until about 45 and stay here a little of time. Really she is joking with him and after a little of time she really push and her arm is still vertical. The man cant believe it and push again at maximum strength but she is too much strong, she wins again. The lasts 2 challenges are 1 hand vs 2 hands (with the right and the left for Lesley) but Lesley destroys the man. The man is totally humiliated and she shows in front of him her tonic biceps!! He can't understand he has been overpowered by a woman, he can't accepte it, so he proposes another kind of challenge: a feat of strenght (like "so big but so weak"). She acceptes and she put him on his knee asking for mercy one time, a second time (the rematch), then she proposes a challenge 1 hand vs 2 man's hand and she incredibly wins!!

She thinks the challenge is finished because she has totally dominated him so she is going to go away, the man tryes to surprise her, he attacks her from behind, she controls the situation, (with a judo move if you know) and when he stands up she totally beat him up with a roundhouse kick. She put her foot on him and she does some victory poses. Another big man know what is the stronger sex.

Wearing: you must wear black pantyhose (like Ultra sheer 10 denier lack tights) and a short skirt. Then a nice/sexy top o something similar like you want). I hate broken pantyhose, please if you broke them in the video, change them. At your choise if you want to wear shoes in the start of the video, if you do I would high heels like this or something similar, not sandal. Ambientation: something like a gym, it could be ok the ambientation of Lesley teaches Lora how to defeat the men. Armwrestling: I would like a solid table like Amazon Lesley and very very important you don't leave the elbow from the table. I would like that during the armwrestling when is clear the man is weaker he tries to cheat 3 or 4 time (lifting the elbow, using the second hand as help in the table, starting in advance). You are never in real difficult. The man is very important, he must show believable. He must use every effort and every way. During the video I love you tease him a lot about his strenght about how much the men are pathetic and about the men are weak and pathetic, etc...

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Just the next weakling on my way

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