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  • Rhea is the nightmare of any male

Rhea came to the gym and saw a guy who was concentrating on working out with dumbbells. She decided to have some fun and challenged him to compete with her. For the beginning she suggested him arm wrestling competition. The guy, looking at the fragile girl, decided that he would easily defeat her. However Rhea turned out to be not just a fragile girl, but a trained athlete, and easily defeated him in several matches. Then they decided to compete in a tug of war, but even here the strong guy was defeated. Then he decided that he could easily defeat her in bare hand fight. However even here Rhea was more skillful. Quickly gaining the upper hand over him, she began to give him humiliating slaps in his face.  The guy couldn't take it anymore and decided that getting KOed was the best way to end his humiliation.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rhea is the nightmare of any male

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