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  • Feet punishment from Lesley

Custom clip request 

A friend of Lesley come to his house for coffee, Lesley dressed in sock and joggers/tee shirt in the begin of the video. Lesley friends try to seduce her but She stop him with a side kick in face then reverse side kick in stomach. The man is push against the wall then Lesley tell him : you want to touch me ? Bad idea for you, I will give you a good lesson with my feet and at the end I will oblige you to give me your sorry and I oblige you to give up!! Wait two second. Then Lesley undressing to put on a bikini and remove her sock to be in barefoot then the lesson begin

Lesley use only karate kick to give the lesson like side kick, roundhouse kick, repeatedly kick in face and stomach ( same camera angle like the video karate girls 3 : practicing kick ), scorpion kick, combo kick, high foot chоke and of course multiple slap face kick ( I want 3 scene of multiple slap face kick and no slow motion) 

For the end of the video, Lesley give a side kick in the face to the men then a reverse side kick in stomach, the man is against the wall then Lesley use high foot chоke and say: do you love my karate feet ? I think you love it so now I waiting excuses from you! Say it ! Say it! The man apologized and Lesley continues with : now give up! Say give up ! Give up!!! The man say I give up! Lesley say it’s too late!! She give him a multiple slap face kick then a reverse kick in stomach, the man fall in this knee and Stella finish him with a chоke with one leg till he is finished.

For this clip Lesley was very serious humor when she give kick, the man is shirtless ,some time if it’s possible the man spit b!ood after kick

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Feet punishment from Lesley

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