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  • You'd better not to touch Lora

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Attitude: Lora should confident and merciless when she fights. She should show some emotion as she destroys her opponents but not too much. A smile perhaps should come over her face after she had either broken an opponent’s arm or beat them down. A little bit of trash talk would be great too.

Male opponents: Six in total please. All attackers wearing masks, hoods or balaclavas.

Opening Scene: Lora walks into a large room. She's wearing the outfit previously described but over this she is wearing the long coat. With the hood over her head. As Lora walks into the room she sees six male opponents. After seeing the male opponents she locks the door behind her and turns around the face her opponents. Lora then turns back to her male opponents and stands still with her feet / boots slightly apart, her arms crossed in front of her and her head slightly bowed. She then remains motionless as two male opponents approach her. They both mock Lora as a “pretty but helpless girl in the wrong place, at the wrong time”. One opponent goes behind Lora staring at her while the other stays directly in front of her. Soon the opponent behind Lora runs his finger across her shoulder. At this point in time Lora slowly lifts her head smiling as she rapidly launches her elbow backwards into his stomach and then rapidly swings back her fist from the same arm into his face. This attacker then slides down the wall behind him. Straight afterwards the second attacker, who is standing in front of Lora, simultaneously then throws a punch at Lora's face. Lora easily grabs his fist in her hand before it reaches her face. She then sharply wrenches his fist back breaking his wrist. This attacker then falls to his knees clutching his arm while crying out in pain. Lora the pulls him up by the top of his head with her left hand as if she's is strong enough to hold all his weight. With Lora now holding him up with her left hand she now strikes his face very quickly with 6 to 7 rapid "open palm of hand strikes" to his face. She the releases the top of his head with her left hand as his body crumples down in front of her boots.

At this point Lora has not moved from her original place. As she stands there she now takes of the hood of her coat to reveal her beautiful head and face before letting her coat slip off her shoulders onto the floor behind her boots. She is wearing the outfit worn in my first custom movie. Now the camera should pan up from her boots to the long karate black belt around her waist and up to her face where she has a half-smile.

For the purposes of this film the two opponents whom she has just defeated should now be with the other opponents so that Lora is about to fight six opponents. All the attackers are now grouped on the other side of the room disbelieving of what they have just seen.

The next attacker runs at Lora from across the room to attack her. At the last moment Lora lifts up her long boot to catch him right in the face  and he is on the ground. Lora then steps calmly over his body into the centre of the room where 6 attackers surround her in a circle. Now Lora grabs and pulls the ends of her black belt to tighten the knot around her waist. She then holds a defensive karate pose with a confident half smile on her face. She slowly but confidently states "You……are…… all……. going to die."

What happens next is big fight.

At the end Lora should eliminate all her opponents using moves from the “Finish Videos” attached.

After elimination all but one attacker with using only her body as a weapon. Lora decides to interrogate the last opponent to extract information about where the rest of his gang are. Lora systematically breaks both his legs and the both his arms until he finally confesses before finishing him with an open hand strike to his throat. The scene finishes with Lora standing over 6 ex-opponents.

Scene 2: Lora walks up the stairs to a small side room. Inside are two male opponents. Lora stands in the doorway leaning against the side of the doorway with her arms and boots crossed smiling. The first of the male attackers walks up to Lora and puts his hand on her shoulder saying “Where do you think you are going?. Unimpressed Lora now uncrosses her arms and boots and stands up straight moving forward one or two steps. Now standing still Lora slowly looks down at the male opponents hand still on her shoulder before looking back up at the male opponent and responding with “You touch me, you die”. With that Lora strikes forward with an open hand the male opponent’s throat driving backwards and struggling to catch breath. Momentarily caught off guard the male attacker quickly recovers and now launches at Lora with a series of punches. Lora either dodges or blocks every punch before driving quick straight punch into his face throwing him backwards. Again, the attacker charges at Lora throwing several punches all blocked or avoided by Lora with ease. With the last punch in this series Lora grabs his hand and swings his arm over her should before wrenching it down over her shoulder and breaking his arm. With the male opponent now on his knees in pain he attempts to punch Lora with his other arm. Lora easily grabs his punch and strikes a straight punch into his elbow and breaking his other arm. With the attacker now having two broken arms and kneeling in front of Lora she quickly breaks his neck.

The second male opponent in the room now steps forward swinging a pair of nunchucks with some knowledge of how to use them. Unimpressed, Lora stands still with her arms crossed still wearing the long black leather gloves. After a short display with the nunchucks the male opponent strikes at Lora who easily avoids the attacks. After a few missed swings of the nunchucks by the male opponent, Lora steps inside and grabs his arm before delivering a series of back fists she then grabs him by the throat and balls. Pushing him up against the wall she crushes his throat. With the male opponent is out, he drops his nunchucks. Lora picks up the nunchucks and tucks them into her black belt at the front of her waits and behind the black belt knot. The camera follows Lora as she walks out the room and up the stairs.

Last Scene: Lora enters a large room (it may be the same room as the first scene if necessary) with six male attackers. She still has the pair of nunchucks tucked in behind the front of her black belt. Lora is immediately noticed by her opponents and as she slowly walks into the center of the room she is surrounded by the six male opponents. As the attackers surround Lora she smiles as she takes the nunchucks out from under karate black belt and says “Careful boys, I should warn you. I have a new toy that I’d like to play with”. Lora then does a demonstration of swinging the nunchucks through the air before bring the lead nunchuck under her and using her other arm to strike an intimidating Bruce Lee like pose and imitating a Bruce Lee battle cry “whhaaaaaa”.

What happens next is Lora fighting the six male attackers while using nunchucks to destroy them. I’m not quite sure how easy this will work so I am happy to trust you to do this as best as possible. I would hope Lora would spend 5-6 minutes using the nunchucks to beat up her opponents. After she has coped with 5 of her six attackers, Lora would really pummel the last attacker with the nunchucks. As he falls to the floor Lora demonstrates her nunchucks skills one last time before swinging the lead nunchuck under her arm and performing another Bruce Lee pose over six defeated male attackers. She holds the pose for 15-20 seconds as the camera pans up her body. Lora them tucks the nunchucks back under her black belt and walks to the corner of the room to wait for all her attackers to get up again.

The last part of the film has Lora beating up and then eliminating all the male attackers using the same Fight and Final Videos mentioned earlier moves demonstrated in the attached videos. Could Lora have parts of  the fight where she avoids and / or blocks several punches by her male opponents before counter attacking with her fight moves.

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You'd better not to touch Lora

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