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  • Film 1. Secret agent Lora vs. Guards

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Agent Lora’s assignment is to wipe out a team of guards using her sexual allure & fighting skills.

To distract the guards Lora to act as a sexy dancer (dressed as a quasi-schoolgirl) then strike.


Lora:  as dressed in BRATTY LESLEY, black underwear ideally but as in Bratty Lesley is absolutely fine.

White top, short plaid skirt, stocking-tights, high heels, hair as you like (i.e. doesn’t need to be in plats as per other Bratty Lesley films – in many ways better loose or just held in place with a hairband).  As much lace on show as is acceptable to Lora...

(nb. red nail varnish ideal)

Numerous Guards: in military gear or black tops/combat trousers with weapons & balaclavas.

Scene 1:  Guard No.1

The film opens with Lora cat-walking into a facility.  She has a sexy sashay about the way she moves with model like feminine walk.

She sees a guard & walks up to him.  Whilst doing this she plays with her hair & eats a lollipop (she’s playing a dancer dressed as a schoolgirl & this is part of the act…)

The guard points a trunk at her & says “STOP GIRL” but she gets up to him & runs her fingers seductively around his head whilst still eating her lollipop.

L:  “Surely you don’t want to hurt me….you’re a big man with a trunk & I’m only an innocent girl…..who’s lost” (Lora winks).

Lora (still seducing the guard with her head ‘massage’) now uses her other hand to lower the guard’s trunk, using just a finger.

The guard begins to relax…

L:  “Ok big man….can you tell me the best way to cope with you….” (Lora says this with wide eyed excitement)

Lora then delivers a volley of knees to the guards groin.  He quickly doubles over.  Lora stands to one side & unleashes some high kicks that has the guard almost out.  Lora stands in front of him & says:

L:  “How embarrassing…..the big guard is getting totally conquered by a young sexy schoolgirl dancer”

Lora then puts the guard out of his misery with a couple of karate chops.  As he slides down the wall we get a great view from behind Lora which means we see the guard slide down between the gap in her legs.  During this Lora has the lollipop back in her mouth & is playing with her hair/or hands on hips.  After this she spins round & walks away giggling.

Then walking around taking out a few guards

Lora sexily saunters around the facility (good shots of legs & bottom with sexy walking) upstairs & down corridors.

As she progresses she meets various guards.

Scene 2:  Guard No.2

Lora creeps up behind an armed guard, she puts a hand up the wall & the other on her hip.  She says sexily “Hey there stud….it’s time to say goodbye”.  He turns around but is met with a flurry of kicks whilst she’s against the wall then more when she moves away from it.  Some windmill kicks would also be good here.

He’s almost out & on the floor on his back.  Lora slowly walks up to him (hands on hips) and whilst he reaches for his trunk wags her finger at him “not so fast lover” she kicks him in the balls.  He grabs his crotch, Lora moves his hands out of the way using her high heels – he’s almost out so puts up little or no resistance.  Lora casually pushes his legs apart then says “It’s lights out soldier”……..she then slowly lifts her foot & gently presses it down on his groin.  He groans & fights a little but after a while he’s is gone.  She taps his groin with her foot to check there’s no sign of life………Lora smiles then saunters away with a sort of catwalk style.

Scene 3:  Guard No.3

The guard sees Lora approach & raises his trunk (he says:  "stop there").  Lora walks towards him and laughs “what are you going to do with that….sugar”…….she disarms him with a few kicks.  A few more head kicks has him reeling.  She moves in behind him & slips a hand under his neck & another on his head.  “Time to put you out of your misery honey”………snap.  The guard falls forwards on the floor.

Lora giggles & puts a high heel on his backside whilst tousling her hair “now then…let’s see how many other guards there are here for me to destroy”.

Scene 4:  Guard No.4

A guard walks round a corner to see Lora.  Lora using a beckoning finger draws the guard closer.  She then delivers a front kick to his balls.  After recovering he reaches for his weapon he is met with a flurry of punches & high kicks.  After a while he’s on his knees & almost out.

“Tut tut….such a big armed man defeated so easily by a sexy young spy using only her fists & feet…”.

Lora delivers a few knees to his face then picks him up & throws him against the wall.  He turns around & tries to take a swing but misses. 

“Nice try babe”.

Lora unleashes a few roundhouse & windmill kicks to the face & he falls at her feet.

Scene 5:  Guard No.5

Lora sees a guard & he attacks her.

Very easily she has him dazed using her martial arts.  Kicking & punches aplenty.

He’s unsteady on his feet & Lora approaches him.  She sexily runs her fingers around his head (even though he has a balaclava/ski mask on...).

She whispers sexily to him (so we can hear it)  "You want me don't you big guy....well first I'm going to beat you then finish you off (Lora winks)".

Lora delivers a few knees to his nuts that has him doubled over.

She then puts a hand on his head & delivers a few knees to his face.

The guy is almost out.

Lora then beat him down with a couple of high kicks.

The guy is out on the floor but Lora isn't finished.

L: "Now time to finish you off...stud".

Lora then sashays over to him & puts a high heel on his throat.  He wakes & tries to prise the heel away but isn't able to.  Lora delights in this & is wide eyed with joy/laughing.  To make the shame worse Lora winks at the guard & blows him a kiss…  “Just surrender baby”. After a struggle his arms fall to the ground.  Lora laughs then twists her heel & "snap" he's gone....

Scene 6:  Guard No.6

This guard is the real deal.  He’s on the walkie talkie locating his colleagues but no reply.  Then Lora saunters into view.  The guard realises what’s happening and takes out a knife & charges.  Lora disarms him.

He then reaches for a truncheon (or kendo stick) but Lora disarms him again.

Lastly he tries a trunk but Lora is too fast & utterly destroys him with kicks to face & a couple to the balls.

The guard ends up on his back on a table.  Lora casually walks up to him hand on hip & tousling her hair. “Looks like I’ve defeated all of the guards & now I’m about to conquer you……big guy”.  With that Lora grasps his throat with one hand & the other hand on her hip in a sexy pose.

“shall I finish you off with my left hand or my right hand….how about I use both….sound good”?  With that Lora puts the other hand around his throat as well & squeezes.  After a struggle she puts one hand back one her hip & continues (sexy pose with angled hips).  After a while the guard groans/spasms & is gone.

Lora tousles her hair, puts hands on hips & says “these guards are no match for a sexy young spy” she winks to the camera & saunters away (a model walk) with guard on the table on the foreground.

Scene 7:  dance and final

The boss sitting on a chair, he’s ordered a dance to relieve the boredom of running the facility…….

Next we see Lora walking down a corridor towards the room (good shot of legs and bottom as she catwalks towards the door).  She enters the room, approaches the guy & says “so you must be the big boss who ordered the dance”.

The boss's body guards (x2) stand watching with bats ready.  The Boss signals for Lora to move forwards to towards him.

The sexy dance begins........

After a short while the Boss is entranced.  Lora leans forward and whispers in his ear “actually…..I’m here to destroy you….I’ve already destroyed all of your other guards”.  She laughs, steps back & motions with her finger for the body guards to come to her.

The guards attack but Lora is too fast & too well trained.  She kicks them all over the room & disarms them of their weapons as they try to use them.

The first guard is on the floor almost out, the second is being out by Lora against the wall.  He tries to fight her but he's weakening.  She plants he knee into his groin & applies pressure.  She continues the chocking & winks at him.  She squeezes "just surrender honey" & after a minute (& a couple of knees to the balls).  She puts hands on hips & he slides to the ground through her legs.

The 2nd body guard has got to his knees & is in front of Lora (almost out).

"Poor big bodyguards.....utterly humiliated in hand-to-hand combat by a sexy young dancer.  Now I think I should finish you off too....".

Lora snakes a hands under his chin with the other hand on his head.  She twists his neck slowly in various directions (we have a great view from various angles of her doing this full shots to capture both guard & Lora) & after a while she's ready to finish him - one swift snap & he falls on the floor in front of her.

At this stage the Boss reaches for his trunk & points it at her & says “you’re the one who going to leave this place BITCH”!

Lora kicks the trunk out of his hand & launches into a flurry of head kicks that leaves the guy slumped forward in the chair.

Lora puts his head back into position using just one finger & laughs “Oh…no….how embarrassing....the big man is beaten already by a young sexy girl”?

Lora slaps the guy awake then unloads a few punches to his head.  His head rolls backwards.  Now he’s out.

Lora moves behind the guy & whispers in his ear “game over big boy...it's time for this babe to finish you off”.  A neck snap & he’s gone.

Lora now walks to stand in sexy confident (hands on hips stance) pose in front of this guy & smiles.

She lifts up his head (finger under the chin) then let's it fall back. He's gone...

She puts her hands back on hips & says:

“Well, well, well….all of these trained men destroyed by a sexy young dancer…"

(a wink to camera & then back to her standing confident in front of him.  After a while she slowly struts away - as seen from Boss so we see her slow model walk - Lora can perhaps very slowly & sexily walk over the body guards on the way out looking at them, checking their pulses & then tapping their bodies with her feet & smiling?).

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Film 1. Secret agent Lora vs. Guards

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