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  • Gerda chases the boss to stomp his balls

Custom clip request 

Agent Gerda will wear denim shorts with white blouse and black bra. High heel mules with platform no back strap. With red toenails polish. Sven will wear the same suit ( Agent Ivy destroys the boss of the local gang ) The clip will start off the  same way. Greda on the phone eliminates a goon (  All Goon wears sweatpants and long sleeves with a mask. ) by choking him with high heels using the phone of the goon to call boss Sven. (Be creative with the conversation between the two as you like. ) She says I just eliminateed your goon. After I'm done I'm coming for you ) She kicks the goon in the balls while he's on ground. Then walks and snaps his neck with her heeled shoe. She walks to the door. Next camera of her legs walking up stairs. She walks up some  stairs and a goon sneaks behind her with a weapon. She disarms him and kicks him in the balls. He falls to his knees and snaps his neck with a hard face kick. She uses her legs to push his body out of her way. She walks to a door.

Sven packs up his things quickly and tries to leave but she is at the door and kicks him on his but. She walks toward him very slowly and sexy and lightly places her shoe on his belly.

She asks him, ``You're not leaving me are you?

He says you wont leave here alive. I have more men on the way.

She takes a walk away and turns and kicks him in the balls while he is sitting on the floor.

Then she chops him hard on the top of his head. This knocks him out and he is spread eagle. She walks around his body and legs for about a min. She bends down and grabs his cell phone.

She tells the dumb goons that the boss had to much to drink and he wants to go to a new girl friends apartment studio. The goon agrees.

The scene changes and the boss is in a chair. From the goons POV he leaves the apartment studio and passes Gerda who walks past the goon POV and says I'll take care of him now.

Camera changes to Sven on the floor spread eagle. Gerda chair in the foreground, very shiny legs. She crosses her legs and uncrosses them for a while before standing. She walks toward him and walks between his legs and around his body using the concrete beam next to him.

She then kicks him in the balls and his body and he starts to wake up.

She picks him up and they have a fight. She punished the boss by kicking his belly and kicking his balls. She used karate chops, palm strikes, knee to the balls and head, high kicks and other techniques to destroy his body. The fight is quick but uses all the moves above. Less than a minute and a half.

She grabs him and slams him to a concrete beam or the wall with him still standing.

She walks away to get the chair and sits in front of him.

He begs her and offers her money but she says I was paid a lot more to end you this way.

She kicks him between the legs 2 times. Camera close up between his legs.

She stomps/holds her foot on his balls (him standing back to the wall) while she is sitting for about 2 mins. She moves the chair away. He falls on his but spread eagle and she does more kicks but the same. Camera behind her lower legs and from above in angle and full body shots.

He tries to crawl away and she kicks him in the balls from behind. He falls forward but rolls to his back. She kicks him between the legs 10 more times. For about 30 seconds.

He is in a lot of pain. She walks around him and he looks up at her in fear. As she walks close between his legs. She sits on his belly to finish him off. She says this is the end of you big guy... She chops him between his eyes and holds her hand there and he is finished. She gets up slowly and uses his body for support. She walks and stands close between his legs.

She calls the person who put out the hit on the boss. She walks around his body and she says yes it is done. She moves the chair next to his body and uses his belly for support to take off her shoes and leaves them to the side. She stands and steps on his groin to step across him slowly. Camera on the side full body.  Then she walks out the room in a sexy way. Camera from behind her body. The camera fades out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda chases the boss to stomp his balls

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