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  • Gerda destroys her ex-boyfriend many times

Custom clip request 

Gerda is my terminally ill girlfriend, and I am desperate to save her. I manage to acquire 3 magic wishes (off screen) and plan to use them to save her. However our relationship has been very poor and she is planning to break up with me. Her attitude towards me should be one of hatred and cruelty for most of it.


I'm standing in a room, alone, when Gerda walks in. She should act tired, coughing, and clearly very sick. Her attitude towards me should be cold, and clearly fed up with me. She's come to break up with me.

"Hello 'honey'.. yes, the pain is very bad today so I don't feel like kissing you.... listen I have something I need to tell you.. it's about us... oh you have something important to tell me as well? You should go first....... Huh? You are going to save me today? Really?

Come on bitch.. 2 years of cancer treatments and nothing works.. How could you save me? Magic wishes? Yeah right.. you want to prove it? Go on, I can't stop you..

Oh look at you wishing.." she should say very sarcastically, rolling her eyes, ".. you're wishing I was not just healed.. But a superwoman huh? That's... Cool.. oh yeah sure.. sounds.. great.. loser.." 

Gerda should appear completely bored and fed up when she suddenly grabs her head, falls to her knees and moans.

There's then either a flash of light, or some kind of SFX where it goes very blurry.. and when it returns to normal, Gerda is in a Supergirl (or other costume), still wearing her glasses. Her expression should be one of pure ecstasy, and she's very happy, but ignores me completely. 

"Holy sh.. What.. oh my god I feel so incredible! YES!!!! YES!!!" Gerda should get up and dance around for herself in joy.

"I can't believe it.. The wish worked.. I'm cured.. healed... no more cancer.. no more pain.. but not just that.. I'm a real life superwoman... costume and all! It's not some comic book fantasy, but reality!!" 

After admiring her costume, Gerda removes her glasses, and that happy expression changes to one of arrogance and hate. She should very slowly walk towards me until she's face to face whilst saying..

"Oh.. my 'love'.. you really turned me into a real superwoman.. saved me from my cancer.. went to all this effort to save me.. look at the cool costume you gave me! It's a shame that I am not a good person though. You know this.. I will never be a hero or save anyone. I'm superior to everyone, and everyone should fear me.. and you love that I'm a bad girl, right?

You saved me because you love me sooooooo much... and return for such an amazing gift.. I have one for you too bitch... We're breaking up. *laugh* I don't want to be with you anymore.. 'honey' *laugh* Oh you look so shocked!.. and now.. so afraid.. that's right loser.. you're fucked. What are you gonna do? Try to wish away my powers? I'm Super.. I'll stop you the moment you open your mouth...  Hey....... you know I've always wanted to hurt you.. always wanted to be strong enough to beat you up... let's see what my super body can do against a weak male like you"

What should follow should be a completely one sided fight where I'm unable to even react. Gerda should begin by punching and kicking me for 2 to 3 minutes, during which she should be overjoyed at how much fun it is. 

After this she should pause, laugh in my face, say "time to hit you with an actual punch.." and strike to my left.

There should be a bone cracking SFX (no scream) and Gerda should jump up and down in joy before coming back face to face.

"Awww honey, am I too strong for you, look at this super costume..  you gave me this.. you made me into this.. you gave a woman who hates you the power of a god.. except I'm not a god yet... and you have 2 wishes left... so let's change that.. you should give me... an unlimited number.. of all powerful wishes."

I shake my head and try to back away but Gerda grabs me and pulls me into a hug. 

"Hey.. this can still end well for you... obey.... obey your super ex girlfriend who you love sooooo much... give me... wishes... and an unlimited number of them.... do it... I promise it'll work out well for you... come on... you know you want to see me conquer this world.. right? That's right.. good boy... wish for me.. there we go... (SFX similar to the first powerup but no visible change in appearance)..... good little loser.." There's a sickening crack as she crushes my chest just after I grant her wish, and when she lets go I fall down to the ground.

"For my first wish... I wish that my power is increased.. infinitely.. and that nothing can ever remove my powers or wishes.."

The SFX occurs again and now she's wearing the tight black catsuit.

Goddess Gerda should be arrogant and brutal. She should immediately finish me with her heat vision before bringing me back to life with a wish, and then spending the rest of the time finishing me over and over again using magic wishes to bring me back to life each time. She should be cruel and acting as if she's hurting the person she hates most in the world, using these following ideas to finish me, as well as any other ideas that you and Gerda have;

- punching super fast

- boot to my chest and head (crushing me)

- hugging

- kissing to break my teeth and then "blowing me up" with her super powerful lungs (for this her eyes should be in line with the camera, lips underneath)

- using one finger

- pushing my 'head' into her chest (so her super breasts crush my skull)

To end the custom, Gerda should grab me and pull me close.. "So.. I'm about to finish you for the last time.. well.. the last time in this little play session.. I may bring you back to life in future but.. for now I just want you be finished.. but hey you can use that last wish of yours if you want.. you have one wish left.. use it..

You wish that I can never be defeated, or finished by anything...? Seriously?

Awww... sweetie... you still love me and want to help me..... you're  bitch.. and also finished... thanks loser.. and bye!"

Gerda should then use her heat vision to slowly finish me.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda destroys her ex-boyfriend many times

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