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  • Don't touch Melanie during her dance

Custom clip request 

Can Melanie please wear the same red leotard like in picture 1 above. But this time with a black belt

Can Melanie please have in both films the same hair style and ear rings like above in picture 2 not like in picture 3

Can Melanie please wear the same brown pantyhose like last time with no reinforced toes

If possible, can the guy wear no mask this time. If not possible, can he please have another sweater without the hood like in picture 4 above

Melanie has been booked from a guy for a dance. The guy sits on a chair. Melanie turns on music and dances around him. She poses her legs infront of him. She does some splits while standing infront of him moving her legs up and down. She rubs her leg on him while he still sits on the chair

Soon the guy starts touching her legs. Melanie pushes him with her foot and tells him to stop. Than she continues her dance

Soon the guy touches her again. Melanie kicks him down from the chair on his knees

Melanie sits on the chair and laughs at him. She tells him what a mistake he made and that she will teach him a lesson. She starts to pointing his face with her foot. She gives him some kicks and starts to pose her legs to the music

She makes a split on the chair and gives the guy some scratches to his face

Melanie continues pointing his face with her feet. She is kicking him and rubbing her foot on his face and she is always pointing her feet like a Ballerina

The guy tries to push Melanies leg away and sees how strong her legs are

The guy gets scared from Melanie and tells her to stop and that he will leave. Melanie holds him back with her foot and tells him he can only leave when she has finished her lesson

After 10 minutes Melanie switch off the music and makes a split infront of the guy and gives him many scratches to his face

The guy is trying to escape from Melanie, but Melanie always point her foot in front of his face so that he can not escape

For the rest of the movie, can Melanie please

- block the way with her feet pointed like a ballerina when the guy is on the knees and try to escape

- kick him

- rub her foot on his face

- gives the guy some scratches on his face when she is in a split in front of him

- all kinds of splits on the floor, on the shoulder, on the chair and couch 

- This time the guy does not attack her legs. But he tries to push her legs away several times, but has no chance

- scissors

Can Melanie please always make the kyyaa sounds when kicking or scratching him

Can Melanie please laugh and smile a lot on the guy because he is too weak. Also when he tries to push her legs away she smiles and laughs at him

Can Melanie please speak a lot throughout the whole film with the guy:

She tells him how weak he is. She asks him if he is scared of her. She tells him that he must kiss her foot. She tells him that he must go on his knees on all 4 and go between her legs. And any other thing she likes to tell him :)

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Don't touch Melanie during her dance

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