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  • Fight dance from Melanie. Part IV

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Victory Of Melanie Vs Sven Poses.

Melanie wore a black leotard and pantyhose as in the fig dance 1 2 and 3

Sven bare chest

Location: room where you shot figth dance 1. a sack or string hanging from the ceiling that Melanie uses to acrobatically hit Sven.

The fight always takes place standing, melanie hits Sven using only the kicks in the most acrobatic and varied way possible, jumps, somersaults, splits and also uses the punching bag or the rope to vault, she must be very dynamic. Slow and clumsy Sven never manages to hit Melanie and falls KO many times.

Melanie's attitude: Melanie teases Sven all the time, calls him fat, melanie laughs at Sven, melanie tramples him and puts herself in victory poses whenever Sven is down, victory poses must be varied by occasionally, foot on the chest, foot on the head, foot on the face or both feet on the chest or else always with the hands on the hips and a bold attitude.

Melanie is dancing and Sven enters the room, Sven wants to take revenge for the last time.

Melanie laughs and laughs: well you're back fat boy, don't you remember the kicks I gave you last time ??? Round

Sven replies: I wasn't focused enough last time.

Melanie replies: concentrated ??? You couldn't even kiss my feet, I really humiliated you and I have pictures too. But if you want to avoid another similar punishment, kneel down immediately and kiss my feet.

Sven refuses and begins the fight.

Melanie is much faster and hits Sven with several kicks, Sven is slow, tries to hit Melanie but fails, Melanie calls him fat and laughs at Sven, shortly after Sven falls KO, Sven tries to get up but Melanie walks on his body passing over and poses victorious, melanie makes Sven stand up, melanie continues to provoke Sven by calling him fat, Sven attacks but melanie is too fast and hits him again with acrobatic kicks, after a while Sven is still KO and melanie in victory pose over him, Melanie makes him stand up. Melanie keeps calling Sven fat and invites him to take her, Sven is too slow and melanie hits him again with his kicks, Sven falls KO for the third time, melanie laughs and jumps in front of Sven calls him fat and strikes a pose of victory over him. Melanie invites Sven to surrender now that he is still able to get up, otherwise he will be dominated for much longer. Sven gets up with difficulty, Sven tries to hit Melanie, but repeats the same thing as before, Melanie hits him several times with flips, jumping kicks, Sven falls to her knees on all fours, Melanie sits on Sven's back, Melanie sits on Sven's back puts her legs around Sven's neck and squeezes him. Sven suffers, Melanie as in Figth Dance 2 tells Sven: say I'm your queen and kiss my feet, you can avoid more kicks and humiliations, don't be stubborn. Melanie releases her grip slightly and sitting on Sven's shoulders puts one foot in front of Sven's face and one foot on Sven's head inviting him to kiss. Sven does not kiss, Melanie tightens her legs around Sven's neck again, still sitting on Sven's back, Sven suffers, Sven slowly slips KO with his stomach on the ground, Melanie stands up in front of him and takes a victory pose one foot on Sven's head. Melanie approaches Sven before letting him stand up. Sven gets up with difficulty, melanie laughs at Sven, asks him if he is ready to take more kicks and calls him fat pachyderm, Sven tries to attack, melanie as before kicks him, Sven ends up on his knees in front of melanie and melanie pushes him KO's in a sexy way by putting a foot on Sven's face, Melanie puts her foot on Sven for the fifth time. Melanie lets Sven get up Sven staggers, melanie jumps around Sven and invites him to get her More and more tired Sven moves slowly and Melanie enjoys kicking him, Sven ends up on all fours, Melanie sits on Sven's back again, as before, wraps her calves around Sven's neck and squeezes herself. Sven suffers, Melanie laughs and says to Sven: who is your queen ?? Sven still doesn't answer, Melanie still squeezes her calves around Sven's neck, swings her legs and repeats: go ahead put away the fat boy pride, kiss your queen's feet. Sven tries to speak but fails, Melanie slightly loosens her grip to make him speak: Sven says: I give up but I won't kiss your feet I will say that you are my queen, I will not be humiliated by you. . Melanie laughs, rubs her feet on Sven's face and says, haven't you been humiliated until now? Look how submissive you are, I put my feet on your head when I want fat boy, stop me if you can. While sitting on Sven's back, Melanie kicks him in the head, Melanie gets up, Sven slowly collapses to the ground, Melanie resumes her victory pose over Sven. Melanie lets Sven get up, Sven gets up with a great effort, melanie laughs at him, melanie hits Sven with multiple kicks, Sven falls KO and melanie tramples him, melanie asks Sven if he is feeling humiliated enough now, melanie laughs and tells Sven to get up, Sven gets up, he can't react anymore, melanie looks at him and says: soon you won't be able to stand anymore, this is your last chance, say I'm your queen, kneel and kiss my feet, Sven does not answer, Melanie slaps him with her foot, Sven begs for mercy, Melanie stops, puts her foot on the ground and tells Sven to kneel and kiss him, Sven kneels to kiss Melanie's foot, Melanie asks: who is your queen now ??? Sven does not speak, melanie kicks Sven in the head by lifting his split leg, Sven collapses to the ground, melanie turns Sven on his stomach using his foot, melanie jumps on Sven's chest, Sven snorts in pain, Sven asks: who is your queen now? Sven begs for mercy and says you are my queen, Melanie makes Sven to kiss her foot once more, There in front of a mirror. Melanie steps on Sven and says: Now the other girls from the dance class will come in, so they'll see how I did you, how do you prefer to be seen? Melanie changes victory poses on Sven by speaking as she executes them: Melanie says: foot on the chest, or foot in the face, or mat under both my feet, or foot on the head, or one foot on the face and one on the chest, Melanie laughs as he eagerly changes positions on Sven's body .. the video ends with Sven begging for mercy asking not to be humiliated again. A final wide shot with melanie in a victory pose over Sven while looking in a mirror. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Fight dance from Melanie. Part IV

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