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  • Agent Melanie enjoys her day off

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Title:  Agent Melina enjoys her day off. 

Outfit 1. - White top / short black skirt, hose, and boots or heals.  If no white top black is ok too.  Included pictures of both.   Or what she wore in Melanie toys with the criminal before defeating him.

Outfit 2 - Yoga (pink like below) pants butt scrunchy athletic attire (or something like what she wore in Naomi shows Melanie that she is better fighter)

Secret Agent Melina enjoys her day off from saving the world, and is on her way to ballet class when a recognizes a couple of guys from her most wanted list.  (She’s walking down a hallway or room)

(She dressed a sexy black skirt, white top and hose and thigh high boots)

Scene 1 (Open area near a hallway)

As she walks towards them they notice her and ask “Are you walking or working?”  She rolls her eyes and says “I was just walking now I have to work”  Guys look at each other confused.  She then does a high kicks  to the head of guy #1 and a scorpion kick to guy #2.  Guy #1 is stunned still standing guy #2 falls to the ground. Then gets up and runs away.  Guys #1 then says “hey your Melina”.   Melina says “that’s right now let’s get this over with so I can get to class.”  She then begins to beat the guy up with a series of high kicks, punches and round house kicks.  (See clip 1)(I also like some of these camera angles, you can mix and match some moves but I really like the back kick into front kick and finishing him off with a standing long legged drop kick).  Fight lasts about 2 minutes knocking guy out.  Melina then says “now I need to find the other guy”  then walks off.

Scene 2 (Hallway with an open area to fight)

Guys is hiding and hears her coming.  He lines himself up against the wall in hopes of surprise attack.  She hears him and does that exact same thing.  As they move closer and closer slowly down the hall with anticipation of a surprise attack their bodies against.  Melina does a surprise around the corner kick (Clip 2).  She them puts a smile on her face kicks him in the stomach, he bends over knees him in the head and then does a swift long legged high kick.  She then beats him up (clip 3).  Fight about 2 minutes also.   

NOTES  I figure between dialog and the first 2 fight scenes might last about 6 minutes . 

Scene 3 (Open room) Maybe like a martial arts/ballet studio room that you’ve used in the past or something that looks like a ballet studio. 

Dressed in a Yoga (pink/black) pants butt scrunchy athletic attire

Scene open with Melina stretching.  Two guys are in the corner knocked out.  She does splits, then stands up and does some splits against the wall, and then starts doing some kicks towards the camera warming up.  She gets about a minute into stretching, and kicking and guys start to wake up.  Melina says “Oh good you boys can join me for class”.  They look at her with confidence and say “there’s two of us.”  Melina “Oh I know.  Why do you think I brought you here” Guys begin to size her up she smiles and says “well come on boys” waving her hand for them to come closer.  Then begin fighting.  One guy behind her one in front (Clip 11).  Other guy grabs her from behind and she kicks picks her up and she kicks guy in front of her, then kicks over her shoulder with a series of kicks to the stomach then head (clip 4), She then fights guy #2 with a punch and series of high kicks (clip 5) knocking him down.  Guy 1 is just waking up and she walks over puts her hands on the wall and continues with front and back kicks, and sexy splits punching him (clips 6) (my favorite hope she can do this) She then finishes him off the a standing drop kick (clip 7).  He falls to the ground.  Guy #2 just getting up gets a kick on the ground and then does 4 long leg high kicks, and a back kick as she walks away (clip 8).  Guy falls to the ground.  Both guys near each other come up to their knees she then does a back kick on the right then the left kicking both of them at the same time (Clip 9) Then fall to the ground next to each other and she comes up in-between them and says “Isn’t this fun”.  And does a split kick kicking both of them twice.  (clip 10).  After that throw-in anything else you like clip 12, 13, 14, 15.  I’d like to see of course some really high kicks, clip 16 as example.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Melanie enjoys her day off

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