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  • Bionic Melanie chases the criminal

Custom clip request 

Ok I’ll get Melanie for this one. 20 minutes

This is similar to Bionic Alexa chases the criminal. Melanie is teamed up with male cop and they chase the criminal. 

Melanie wears similar outfit to Diana in Bionic Diana. Hair tied back and makeup. Same mules. The cop wears a hoody and jeans. The criminal wears a mask. I prefer short and skinny actors

At the start Melanie and cop are walking together. They spot the criminal.Cop yells to stop. Criminal runs away and cop chases him.

Melanie continues walking casually.

Cop catches up to him and they have an evenly matched fight. Lots of cuts to Melanie walking during their fight. Criminal wins the fight and runs away again. He sees Melanie standing there. He raises his fists and slowly approaches. She casually walks towards him and hits him several times with sidekicks. He doesn’t block anything. Just gets hit. The camera follows her shoes in slo mo during a kick. He freaks out and runs away. She laughs.

-The cop chases and then the criminal chases him.

-Melanie beats up the criminal with ease. She walks around very casually and laughing to herself.

-She stands and watches them fight. Also sitting and watching with legs crossed, ankles crossed. One foot arched. They run past while she’s standing or sitting right there. Up and down the stairs and through corridors.

-Closeups of her face smiling, cleavage, legs, and shoes. Using her looks to tease and taunt the criminal. The cop gets distracted by her too. It makes him lose the fight. She doesn’t try. She just knows it will happen.

-Closeups of criminal crotch area and Melanies hand grabs/rubs his crotch. Same thing with foot, shoe on. Each time only a few seconds. 10 at the most. Then she punches/kicks him in the body/face and he runs away in pain. Or he just runs away.

-Could you do that scene where she sticks her leg out from behind the door

And the close up of criminals face as her hand appears on screen and pats his cheek. He freaks out and runs away. I’ll send examples


Melanie sits with legs crossed. Both guys come out from a corner fighting. Shots of her legs and shoes with men in background. Closeups of her face smiling and laughing. 

Criminal wins the fight but he is so worn down he is crawling on all 4s. Closeup of his face being kicked by Melanies shoe. She is still sitting with legs crossed and laughing.

During the video Melanie says these lines whenever.

Everytime the same

So stupid. Always getting into trouble

I’m here to arrest you

Do you surrender?

Hello Darling.

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Bionic Melanie chases the criminal

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