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  • Black cat Melanie fights barefoot

Custom clip request 

I like the latest video with Melanie as a catwoman – she has great moves and a perfect attitude, confident and sadistic.   Camera work is also good, with close ups and different angles.  I’d like to order a custom of the same video, except she is barefoot.  My story is a little different and in two parts.  I’d like a different male actor for each part, no masks. The victim has jewels in the briefcase: 

Part 1 

Melanie does almost all the same moves, same camera angles, except at the beginning she arrives in her boots, puts her feet up on the desk and slowly, teasingly, unzips her boots one at a time, and flexes her bare feet in front of the victim.  She doesn’t say anything, the guy doesn’t know what to think and is confused but wants her to get out.  Then she unleashes her attack, same as the first video except all barefoot.  He tries to fight back but unable to touch her.  She doesn’t speak at all (until the end). Also, do not include any “cat scratching” – just all kicks, maybe a few punches.  

At the end of this part, she kicks him to the floor and struts around him sexily, then kicks him around so that he’s sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall.  She pins him to the wall with one foot and starts threatening to kick him with the other.  She says calmly, “Where are the rest of the jewels?”  The guy shakes his head no – he won’t tell her.  She then kicks him strongly several times and asks again:  “Where are the rest of the jewels?”  He still won’t say anything. Holding her foot right in front of his face, she taunts in a sweet voice:  “If you don’t tell me, I’m going to get angry.  And you don’t want to make me angry, do you?”   The guy is scared and concedes:  “Okay, okay.  In the warehouse.  Third floor…”  Melanie smiles and breaks his neck with her feet.  She picks up the briefcase, then her boots, and walks out barefoot.

Part 2  

Melanie arrives at the warehouse, except this time she’s already barefoot.  Victim #2 is standing guard next to the rest of the jewels. She pads quietly, sexily into the room before he notices her.  He is startled and pulls out a weapon.   Melanie cartwheels and kicks the weapon out of his hand, then takes off her mask, shakes out her hair (very sexy) and continues with the attack.   Feel free to choreograph this any way you like – lots of barefoot kicks, roundhouse, face kicks, kicks in the legs to make him fall down. Near the end she enjoys seeing him scared and crawling on the floor as she slowly steps over and around him.  He begs her not to finish him.  She smiles and finally executes a neck break with feet.  She takes the second briefcase and leaves barefoot, looking back over her shoulder with a smile at the victim on the floor.

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Black cat Melanie fights barefoot

  • Brand: MELANIE
  • Product Length: 18 minutes
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