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  • Agent Carly destroys her captors

Custom clip request 

Could I order another custom with Carly please.

> Scene 1 ( 10 mins )

> Outfit tight fitting short black dress / white panties / Long black boots

> Carly is being held captive in her apartment, she is tied to a chair with 2 guards in the room. One guard comes over and starts feeling her legs and saying we are going to have fun with you!, Carly just laughs and says go ahead and see how far you get. T the same time she is undoing the knot behind her back. The guard bends down in front of her to look up her dress , she says what are you looking at and then wraps her boots around his neck and squeezes chocking him, she flings him to one side and stands the other guard approaches and she lifts her boot balancing on the chair and he runs straight into it , he falls to his knees and she repeat head kicks him at least 10 times . A fight then entails, I'll leave choreography to you please include Face palm strikes, Karate chops, head held under arm with reverse boot kick to head, head between legs and squeezed, similar to my previous clips. She eventually knocks the 2 men out , and then says I need to go and get changed.

> Scene 2  (20 mins )

> Karate top / white panties / long black boots / gloves ( identical to my previous custom)

> 2 additional Gang members now come into the room, see there colleagues on the floor and go to them, they come round and say where is she? The four stand up and Carly walks in in her Karate outfit, she looks at them and says I thought these 2 had some friends - now I am going to finish you all. A fight entails again I'll leave the fight scenes to you, you know what I like, could you include all the moves from ( my previous custom) and if possible handstand onto 2 men against wall chocking them with her boots , also if you could show Carly dong some head scissors on the floor or on a desk similar to Sasha puts the champion on his knees part one on a  gang member. And she finishes them all with the same ending as  Carly infiltrates the gang part 2.

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Agent Carly destroys her captors

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