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  • Carly fights against ninjas

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It will be a bunch of short scenes maybe 15 minutes in total. You can reuse the same guys for each. The guys should be wearing all black with ski masks or balaclavas, dressed like ninjas. In the first few scenes, Carly should wearing her usual leather outfit with the boots. All the moves should be groin strikes, and Carly should be laughing and mocking the ninjas as she beats them up. I apologize for the long description:

Scene #1:

Carly is tied to a chair, in a room with a ninja guarding her. She gives the ninja seductive looks to lure him in close to her. When he gets close enough, she kicks him in the balls as hard as she can. She kicks him in the balls rapidly, over and over again, about 20 times, then finishes him with one extra hard kick that lifts him off the ground for a second. She holds her leg in place in his groin and smirks at the ninja as he is out and slumps over her leg, arms dangling on either side. She slowly lowers her leg and the ninja crumbles to the ground.

Now that the ninja is out, Carly begins to try to untie herself. She tries to loosen the rope for 30 seconds and then the ninja starts to wake up, slowly getting to his feet. Carly smiles at him and says "good morning!" then kicks him HARD in the balls again. He makes a painful expression and drops to his knees holding his balls and he is out again. Carly says "goodnight!" and continues to try to untie herself.

Carly spends another 30 seconds trying to untie the rope, and the ninja wakes up again. This time, he tries to attack Carly from the side where she can't kick him. At the last second, Carly frees her hands from the ropes and swings her arm into the ninja's groin, karate chopping him several times. She says "you were so close!" Then she grabs his balls and squeezes as he cries out in pain. She stands up, still squeezing his balls, as he drops to his knees and she follows him down. She smiles at him and says "goodbye!" as she squeezes extra hard. There is a crunching noise and the ninja's eyes go wide. Carly lets go of his balls and watches him slump over again. Carly then smacks his face a few times to make sure he is knocked out. He doesn't react. She leaves the room.

Scene #2:

Carly enters a hallway where there is another ninja. She sneaks up behind him and kicks him in the balls from behind. He drops to his knees and falls down. Another ninja rounds the corner and sees Carly. He runs at her and tries to attack. She rapidly dodges a few punches then kicks him in the balls. She kicks him as fast as she can with short, snap-kicks as her leg is raised in front of him. She kicks him in the balls at least ten times then crouches down and punches his balls like a speedbag. She continues punching him for at least five seconds and then finishes him with a final hard uppercut to the balls. There is a loud crunching sound with the final punch. She says "ouch! That's gotta hurt!" as the ninja clutches his balls, drops to his knees and falls down.

The other ninja Carly knocked out wakes up, and runs at Carly. He goes in or a bear hug, but Carly slips down  from his arms and lays on the ground below him. She lays back on her elbows, and kicks up into his balls. She kicks him in the balls as fast as she can, over and over again, around twenty times. She stops, as the ninja is stunned and dazed. He looks like he is going to collapse on top of Carly, but as he is falling, she extends her knee so he lands crotch-first on her knee. His eyes widen as she laughs at him. He goes lifeless and slumps over as Carly nudges him off of her knee.

Carly continues walking out of the hallway.

Scene 3:

Carly walks into a room with two ninjas in it. They see her, and she does a "come here" motion with her finger. The first ninja runs at her to attack, but she dodges his attack and kicks him in the balls. He drops to the ground, clutching his balls. She looks at the next ninja and smirks. He attacks her, trying to protect his balls from getting kicked. She tries to kick him in the ball a few times, but he is able to block the kicks. Then, she tricks him with a "look over there" motion with her head. As he turns to look, she kicks him in the balls. He hunches over, and she tucks his head under her arm, in a hold. She back-kicks him in the balls several times, then, while continuing to push, walks him over to the other ninja, who is trying to get up. She back-kicks him in the balls a few more times as she is walking him.

She makes it to the first ninja, who is finally getting to his feet. She kicks him in the balls a few more times, all while still choking the other ninja under her arm. The first ninja drops to the ground again, holding his balls. She back-kicks the ninja she is choking several times, then walks him over to an object (could be a table corner, a chair, a pole, whatever) and throws him into it so that he hits it with his groin. He cries out in pain and falls down, slumped over the object he hit with his groin. Carly laughs at him as he is out.

She turns to the other ninja in the room who is barely recovering. She starts walking over to him, and he throws his hands up to surrender. He pleads with her, saying he gives up, not to hit him in the balls anymore. She laughs and kicks him in the balls anyway. She then drops to her knees and begins rapidly karate chopping him with both hands in the groin. She strikes him over and over again for at least 20 seconds as he cries out in pain. He drops to his knees, holding his balls. Carly grabs him by the throat and stands him back up. She sarcastically says "aw, I'm sorry!" Then drives her knee into his balls. She mashes it around as the ninja is in agony. There is a crunching sound and his eyes roll back, Carly withdraws her knee and lets him crumple to the ground. Carly then leaves the room.

Scene #4:

Carly enters another room and sees a ninja. As she is squaring up to fight with him, another ninja sneaks up and grabs her from behind. The ninja in front tries to attack her, but she kicks him in the balls. He stumbles back, and she back-kicks the ninja that is holding her. She kicks the inja in front in the balls again, then back-kicks the other one. This goes on for a few seconds. Then she reaches back with both hands and grabs the balls of the ninja that is holding her. He cries out in pain as the other ninja runs up to Carly. While still squeezing the balls of the one ninja, Carly rapidly kicks the other ninja over and over again (at least 20 times). She finally lets go of the ninja she was grabbing and he drops to the ground, clutching his balls. The ninja she was kicking is hunched over, so she grabs him by his head to hold him up, and kicks him even more in the balls. After another 20 kicks, the ninjas arms drop and he goes soft, but Carly keeps holding him up and kicking him for a few more kicks. She lets go and he drops to the ground, already knocked out.

The other ninja is still rolling around holding his balls. Carly lays down behind him and wraps her thighs around his head, choking him. As she is choking him, she is slamming her feet into his groin. Slams her feet in to his groin at least ten times before his arms drop to the side and he is out. Carly dusts off her hands and leaves the room.

Scene #5: Carly should be in a different outfit here. She comes back to one of the rooms where she knocked out the two ninjas. They are in chairs, with ice packs on their balls. When she enters, they reluctantly get up to fight her. This fight is up to you, but all the moves should involve strikes or grabs to the groin. They should be trying to fight her the whole time, until they finally get knocked out from too many groin strikes. Carly should be laughing and mocking them the whole time they are fighting. There are two moves I'd like to see at one point during the fight:

- Carly crawls through a ninja's legs and lays in front of him on her stomach, swinging her leg back and forth between his legs, kicking him in the nuts as it goes back and forth. At least twenty kicks.

- Carly sits in a chair and hits the ninjas in the balls repeatedly as they try to attack her.

- Crunching sounds as the ninjas are hit with the final groin strikes that knock them out.


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Carly fights against ninjas

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