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  • Bionic Carly shows her supremacy

Custom clip request 

the clip is similiar to "Bionic Carly arrests criminal"

Main actress: carly

One male character

Outfit should be the same as the clip "Bionic Carly arrests criminal"


-a poser guy come in and tell to carly

-the man orders her to do different things

-carly smile to the guy and say you are not in the position to give me orders, but you will see who is the boss

-the guy react angry and say bad things to carly

-carly rise slowly her right arm make a slighty move with her finger

-the guy throw to the next wall and fall down

-carly will sitting on a chair

-the guy stand up and go angry to her

-she smile to him and say you have no idea who are talking to you

-she do a view minutes hard slaps with her right hand (slapping gestures) and throwing him through the room with her finger (gestures)

-the guy´s face slowly began to be red and he falling down

-he beg mercy for his life and please her to stop showing her power

-carly smile and stand up and walk dominant to him and standing with the arms in her hips and look down to him

-the guy look scared

-she slowly raise her right finger and throw him to wall (gestures) and show him her finger where she slowly began to lift him up (gestures)

-we see the floating feet

-after a few moments she lets him down

-she rise her right arm again and the man stand on the wall (gestures)

-she makes a gestures to pin his arms above his hand on the wall

-now carly smiling and began physically kicking him hard

-after a few moments he fall on his knees

-carly say, now who is the boss and give orders and smiling

-she raise darth vader gestures (right arms gestures, crushing scene with her hand) and puts her hands on his neck and lift him up on the wall with rising her arm

-we see his floating feet from the guy and carly stand in front of him with a rising right arm and press her hand to crush his neck, stronger and stronger

-she tells him, you see iam the stronger one between us. she say that he is now her slave and should doing what ever see say

-if he doesn´t do what she say, she will break him every bone in his body

-the guy say he is doing everything she want

-carly let him down and stand powerful in front of him and order, to kiss her feet

-the guy is doing her wish

-carly smiling


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Bionic Carly shows her supremacy

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