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  • Margo deals with the bad guys in playful dominant way

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Scene 1: The first guard, armed with a rifle, is day dreaming. Margo approaches the guard silently and steals the clip from his rifle. She moves away and adopts a mannequin pose, holding the clip high. She coughs to get the guard's attention. He comes over to investigate and tries to take the clip back, but she moves it away from him each time he tries to take it, maintaining her mannequin pose. Each time the guard fails to get it, she smiles with satisfaction, unless the guard is looking at her face. Please make this part last at least 3 mins, with the guard trying to take the clip and failing many times.

The guard is very frustrated and goes to get a large object, such as box. He comes back holding this high over his head, intending to hit Margo with it. Margo stops being a mannequin and instead flirts with him as he comes towards her, smiling at him and blowing him kisses. The guard is confused but still comes forward with the box over his head. When he gets in range Leslie tickles him under both arms, saying "tickle tickle). The guard laughs and drops the box onto his own head, knосking himself out. Margo laughs at him and takes his phone to deactivate the bomb app. She sits down by the guard and rests her feet on him while deactivating the phone (please film so bare soles and Margo's face in shot)

Scene 2: Margo is carrying a baseball bat and small bottle of liquid that has a spray top, like a perfume bottle (but should only contain water). She walks up to the next guard and gives him the bat, saying "Here you are; hit me!" The guard is surprised, but takes the bat and raises it high to hit her. Margo quickly sprays him in the face before he strikes and the guard has to stop his swing so he can wipe his eyes. While he is recovering Margo giggles and sprays his face again. Then she giggles and moves away, saying "Come on hit me!" The guard stumbles after her. He raises the bat to strike but again Margo sprays him and giggles. This repeats four or five times. After a few sprays the guard slows down and Margo says "What is the matter? is my sleeping potion slowing you down? here, have some more!" She sprays him again.

Now the fight has changed - it is Margo chasing the guard, spraying his face, while he tries to get away, covering his face, and trying to defend himself with the bat. But she is too fast and she keeps spraying his face no matter how hard he tries to stop her. After some more sprays the guard collapses on the floor. Margo stands on his arms and sprays his face a few more times until his is out. The she blows him a kiss and says "oh dear, you struck out" before taking his phone and deactivating it.

Scene 3: Margo comes into a room and sees a guard working out. On the wall is a certificate that says "Men's wrestling champion". Margo says "Wrestling champion? I will just use my feet and I bet you can't pin me!" She lies down on her back, raising her feet towards the wrestler and wiggling her toes at him. Please get a shot looking at Margo's soles with her face smiling between them, beckoning the wrestler to attack. I general, please film much of this scene from over the guard's shoulder, so Margo's feet and face are in shot.

The wrestler attacks, but Margo easily blocks him with her feet, laughing at his efforts. Then she pushes him away with her feet and invites him to try again. He attacks again, this time approaching on his knees and once again Margo's feet easily keep him at bay. Margo pushes him over onto his side and holds him down for a minute with her legs and feet, saying "haha - now I have pinned you!" While he is struggling, Margo secretly steals his phone from his pocket. Then she lets him up and he retreats a little.

Margo waves his phone at him and says "Look what I have found. is this yours? I can fix it for you!" Leslie starts to deactivate the app on his phone. The guard is angry and attacks again, but Margo keeps him under control with her feet while she finishes deactivating the phone.

Once she has finished deactivating she says "Oh here, have it back." This takes the guard by surprise and he is distracted taking the phone and saying "thank you". Margo takes the opportunity to put her feet in his neck and pin him to the floor until he is out.

Scene 4. The boss is sitting working at his computer on a swivel chair with a long barreled shooter on his knee. Margo comes in quietly and sees a can of glue on a nearby table with a brush nearby. She throws something to distract him and he gets out of his chair to investigate. While he is away she quietly paints glue onto the seat of his chair and then hides. The boss comes back and sits down. Then Margo jumps out and he points his rifle at her saying "hands up!" Margo puts her hands up.

The boss tries to get up out of the chair however he cannot because of the glue. While he struggles he stops pointing the rifle at her and concentrates on trying to get free. Margo says "You seem to be stuck. Let me help you." She pretends to help but instead pushes him down to make sure he stuck more firmly. She moves behind him, holding onto the back of his chair, giggling quietly.

Suddenly the boss remembers he needs to keep Margo covered, and tries to point his rifle at her again. However, this is difficult when she is behind him and he is stuck to the chair. Margo makes it harder for him by moving the chair around, and taunting him.

Next she spins him round in the chair many times until the boss is very dizzy. It would be great if this part lasts for 3 minutes at least. It would be great if you could film so that we can see Margo in the shot a lot of the time, perhaps from a distance away. Then she steps in front of him and says "Come on then - shoot me!" The boss tries to but he cannot point the rifle straight because he is too dizzy. Margo laughs at him and then spins the chair some more. Finally, she goes over to him, takes his shooter away and sits on his lap. She takes his phone from his pocket and deletes the app. Then she gets up to leave saying "I have to go now, but I guess you are going to stick around."   


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Margo deals with the bad guys in playful dominant way

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